Abloole Ara Sepahan Company

شرکت آب لوله آرا سپاهان

Abloole Ara Sepahan Company

Sepahan Water Pipe Company, which is currently developing its activities in water, gas, sewage and industrial fluid transfer systems, has started with the courage of a group of experts in the country. This company is now one of the largest manufacturing and active companies in the country in the industry. It is a polymer pipe and fittings and in its product portfolio, it presents various products as follows to organizations, institutions and final consumers of these products for the development and prosperity of the country.

Polyethylene pipes
(Water and Wastewater)

Polyethylene pipes
(gas delivery)

Polyethylene pipes
(drop irrigation)

Polyethylene pipes
(Water and Wastewater)

Includes irrigation, pressurized water supply, sewage and… from 12 mm to 630 mm using PE80 and PE100 raw materials and allowable nominal pressures from 2.5 atmospheres to 25 atmospheres under national standard INSO14427 and international standard ISO4427 and EN12201

Polyethylene pipes
(gas delivery)

From size 25 to 225 and SDR11 and SDR13.6 under MPO using PE80 and PE100 materials in accordance with national standards 11233, standard of National Iranian Gas Company IGS and international standard EN1555

Polyethylene pipes
(drop irrigation)

Lightweight 16 mm drip irrigation polyethylene pipes using PE40 raw materials according to national standard ISIRI7607 at different pressures from 2 to 6 times

Sepahan Water Pipe Company, due to the high quality of its products and the production history of these products during the last 18 years, is proud to obtain all the approvals of various organizations in the country, including the National Standard Organization of Iran, Pressure Irrigation, National Iranian Gas Company and ح as follows Is:

Obtaining INSO14427 standard certification on heavy polyethylene pipes 12 to 630 mm from the National Standard Organization of Iran.
Obtaining ISIRI7607 standard certification on 16 to 32 mm light polyethylene pipes from the National Standard Organization of Iran.
Obtaining ISIRI 11233 standard certification on polyethylene pipes, size 25 to 225, used in gas supply from the National Standard Organization of Iran
Obtaining a license to produce gas polyethylene pipes from the National Iranian Gas Company according to IGS_MPL_014_1 (2)
Obtaining the approval of pressurized irrigation with the highest rank in group A (field of activity in the whole country from the Deputy of Water, Soil and Industries (Office for Development of New Irrigation Systems)

Also, in line with its system performance, the company implements and implements quality management systems, safety, health, customer satisfaction as follows, and hopes to establish a dynamic system based on its performance and lead to excellence.

Quality management system, under ISO 9001: 2015 standard from SGS Switzerland

Sepahan Water Pipe Company, in order to reassure customers, has even officially created executive guarantees, including product quality assurance with a 10-year warranty from Iran Insurance on its products.

شرکت آب لوله آرا سپاهان
شرکت آب لوله آرا سپاهان


The distinguishing feature of Sepahan Water Pipe Company

Variety in the product portfolio

Heavy duty single layer polyethylene pipes

In Ara Tube Water Company, heavy polyethylene pipes for use in:

In sizes of 16 to 630 mm, according to the national standards INSO14427, ISO4427 and EN12201, in all permitted compression classes, and with high quality internal and external raw materials, PE80 and PE100 are produced.

Sepahan Water Pipe Company is proud to be one of the few companies that has the ability to provide a wide range of requests on different pipe sizes as soon as possible and with excellent quality and is known as one of the largest in Iran and is approved.

The characteristics of heavy polyethylene pipes made by Sepahan Water Pipe Company, considering the use of the best raw materials and production technology, are:

Lightweight polyethylene pipes

Ab Lu Luleh Ara Co. makes its lightweight polyethylene pipes for use in drip irrigation systems under isiri 7607 standard and international standard ISO 4427, EN 12201 using its best raw materials PE40 paint with external diameters of 16-12, 20 , 25 and 32 in all authorized pressure categories according to national and international standards.

Heavy polyethylene pipes (used in urban and rural gas transmission system)

In Sepahan Water Pipe Company, heavy polyethylene pipes with yellow strips are produced and supplied under EN1555 standards, ISIRI 11233 standards and the standard of National Iranian Gas Company IGS for use in gas transmission system.

This pipe, which is produced with SDR11 and SDR13.6, is produced from the best licensed raw materials introduced by the National Iranian Gas Company and is offered to the Iranian gas transmission market under a license issued by that esteemed company.

Fabricated connections

Sepahan Water Pipe Company, according to the need for various types of connections in polyethylene pipes, especially in sizes higher than 125 and in pressure categories higher than 10 atmospheres, has launched a production line of fabricated connections and its products up to size 400 in the form of elbows. It offers several pieces, three-way and four-way under 14427 standard.

Machinery and equipment effective in production

Sepahan Water Pipe Company, in addition to equipping its production lines with the latest design achievements in spiral cylinder design, has completed these lines with the latest control facilities:

Intelligent weight control system (gravimetric)

Basically, the output of extruders is subject to fluctuations for various reasons, including raw materials, environmental conditions, power fluctuations, operator errors, etc. As a result, the thickness of the pipe will change.

Therefore, in Sepahan Ara Tube Water Company, an intelligent weight control system has been used to create stability in the unit weight of the meter and the same thickness throughout the length of the produced pipes.

Therefore, with this system, customers can be sure that at the moment of production, an automatic controller monitors the weight and thickness of the pipe and protects the quality of the pipe.

Tube thickness measurement system from non-destructive method and on ultrasonic line

Quality in Sepahan Water Pipe Company is a principle. Therefore, in order to control it moment by moment, in addition to the usual control and inspection equipment, an advanced system of ultrasonic thickness measurement method is used on-line.

In this system, at any moment, it is observed by sound waves, thickness, diameter, dipole and changes in the thickness of the pipe. If it approaches the edges of the permissible range, it returns it to the defined level by the relevant alarms.

Pipe diameter control system

Adjustable calibrators made by the German company CCA in the lines of Ara Sepahan Water Pipe Company and have the ability to precisely adjust the diameter in the permissible ranges, to always produce permissible diameters in the pressure range from 2.5 to 25 bar and in connecting pipes from any The conventional method has the best response and creates complete satisfaction for the operators, supervisors and the installation team.

And most importantly, the presence of specialized and efficient staff in this company, the presence of people with 40 years of experience in the Iranian polyethylene industry, the presence of experienced consultants in this industry and experienced professionals with higher education and upbringing are among the reasons for increasing success and difference of water company. Sepahan Tube is with other competitors and partners in this industry.
Quality control system

The definition of quality control in Sepahan Water Pipe Company is different from what has been heard. In this company, the quality control process, all effective parameters, from the time of purchasing raw materials, warehousing of raw materials, approval of raw materials, supervision of production, initial and in-process inspections, final inspection and approval tests, product warehousing, loading and Supervises transportation and customer response at the beginning of purchase and after installation.

Experienced manpower with the necessary experience and expertise in the polymer industry from the country’s prestigious universities and the cooperation of experienced consultants in this industry, the quality control unit of Ara Sepahan Water Pipe Company has become one of the best quality control systems and pipe laboratories in the country. .

After manpower, which is our main asset, we are proud to have one of the best equipped and best laboratories for pipes and fittings in the country, which has been achieved under the supervision of NACI to the Board of Partners of the National Standard Organization of Iran (Accreditation Laboratory).

Laboratory equipment in Sepahan Ara Water Pipe Company has been collected in such a way that it currently has the following tests on its pipes and fittings on its agenda:

The management of Sepahan Water Pipe Company, in line with its organizational growth and excellence, has always strived for lasting quality. For this reason, it has collected complete unique equipment and used it by polymer specialists.

In this company, the life of the pipe is now approved by a combination of OIT and hydrostatic tests.

It should be noted that currently Sepahan Water Pipe Company has 5 hydrostatic test lines with the highest required accuracy (manufactured by IPT Germany)

And 12 Iranian hydrostatic and burst test lines, which are performing BRT and TT tests 24 hours a day under 100, 165 and 1000 hour tests.

Set of 5 ton traction machine and CNC sample preparation in Sepahan Water Pipe Company, which are able to perform this test on pipe samples up to 630 mm in size and record and report the results. It is one of the unique features of this company.

Finally, Sepahan Water Pipe Company is able to perform the following tests on internal and external samples (as a standard laboratory) as soon as possible and provide its report to its customer.

Business system and after-sales service

Sepahan Water Pipe Company, considering the opinion of prominent consultants in the field of marketing, sales and customer satisfaction, has designed a customer satisfaction system based on the ISO 10002 standard so that it can monitor its outputs and always take effective steps to ensure this satisfaction.

Speed ​​of action, interaction with the customer, receiving the customer’s word and responsiveness and finally customer satisfaction are the priorities of this section.

Currently, Sepahan Ara pipe water with various organizations, institutions and customers, including….

Cooperates and offers its products.

Company personnel, specialties and skills

We boldly claim that in Sepahan Water Pipe Company, the personnel are among the main assets and are working in a growth and development environment as a large family.

The training unit of Sepahan Water Pipe Company conducts a process in which all personnel are constantly trained during the year so that their sensitivity to the impact of their performance on the product continuously leads to the desired quality stability and customer satisfaction.

Research, development and applied studies system

The beating heart of Sepahan pipe water is part of its applied studies. In this company, by providing appropriate software and hardware infrastructure and with the efforts of its experts, effective measures have been taken in training, optimization and development of control systems.

Creating a very strong electronic library of the polymer industry, especially polymer pipes, reviewing new production systems and its development, including: entering the field of production of electrofusion fittings, eliminating defects in production by forming quality loops, analyzing tests and holding Training courses and practical seminars for consumers of this type of products and similar cases are among the actions of this unit.

It is also the duty of this unit to find the root of any potential and actual non-compliance and to eliminate its root causes.

quality management system

Sepahan Water Pipe Company is one of the reputable companies in which, according to foreign auditors, the implementation of quality management systems has been done in a real and practical way.

The dynamism, growth and assurance of the correct operation of various processes and consequently the success of uninterrupted production along with a lasting name in the industry of pipes and polymer fittings are all due to the collective efforts of Ab Luleh Company and performing process operations based on ISO 900: 2008 standard.

And for our customers:


Service and Support

Sepahan Water Pipe Company, relying on God Almighty and being present in the production field during the last two decades, has shown that the comfort of our esteemed customers is of great importance for this company.

Therefore, it proudly announces: