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Abloole Ara Sepahan Company

Sepahan Water Pipe Company, which is currently developing its activities in water, gas, sewage and industrial fluid transfer systems, has started with the courage of a group of experts in the country. This company is now one of the largest manufacturing and active companies in the country in the industry. It is a polymer pipe and fittings and in its product portfolio, it presents various products as follows to organizations, institutions and final consumers of these products for the development and prosperity of the country.


Center Office

اصفهان ,خیابان شیخ صدوق شمالی ,خیابان هفت دست شرقی, مجتمع ایلیا , واحد دوم ,طبقه دوم



۹ – ۹۵۰۲۶۱۰۷- ۹۵۰۲۶۱۰۰(۰۳۱)





Saturday to Wednesday 8 – 16:30

Thursday ۸ – ۱۳

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